Stephanie is a product designer currently at U.S. Digital Service specializing UX + UI design, research and product strategy.


Stephanie is currently a Digital Service Expert at The White House for the United States Digital Service. She was cofounder and lead product designer of Landmark, a navigation app for walking directions using crowdsourced photos of landmarks and physical markers. It is a unique way of navigating without replicating paper maps and compasses.

Prior to cofounding Landmark and building her own freelance firm, she served as Senior Analyst of Marketing Insights for comScore, where she created designs and data visualization shared to thousands of Fortune 500 Clients globally regarding digital analytics.

Stephanie has spoken at conferences about designing for small screen devices for The Atlantic and Digital East and has been profiled in The Washington Post, Washington Life Magazine's The Young & The Guest List, The Washingtonian's 2015 Top Tech Titans and Biznow’s Top 40 Women in Tech. Stephanie earned a degree in Digital Media Theory & Design from the University of Virginia with high distinction.

In the DC Tech Community, she is a co-organizer of Maptime DC, a Meetup of 700+ members aimed to lower the barriers to entry to GIS, cartography and geography by organizing events aimed at collaborative learning, exploration and map creation using mapping tools and technologies. She is also a co-producer of the DC Tech Meetup for over 12,000 members and is actively involved in encouraging tech education and mentorship for women and minorities.


User Research + Testing

I use a variety of research and testing methodologies to understand key user needs, behaviors, and motivations with perspective to my team (or client's) timeline and budget. This includes usability testing, contextual interviews, task analysis, and persona development to name a few. After prioritizing user needs, I learn and clarify product, engineering and/or policy requirements to get a full scope of our project needs.

Interaction Design + Prototyping

My process is heavily focused on goal-driven design: how might we satisfy end-users' needs? What are the success criteria we use to test designs and wireframes? Beyond the elements on the page, how will users seamlessly move from one screen to the next? I really enjoy this part of the design process where key user stages from research start to integrate and stitch together.

Visual Design + Illustration + Branding

I enjoy working on visual design and illustration depending on the needs and fit of the project. It's satisfying to see a product born from sketches to wireframes to figuring out the right imagery, tone, and typography to enhance usability and the overall experience.

Product Strategy + Consulting

I have been a part of the full product lifecycle for small and large, public and private sector firms. Through my human-centered design lens, I can outline an end-to-end vision and strategy for a product or service by working both big picture and smaller details.